Memento homo mori

During the Lent in the St. Francis of Assisi's church in Krakow there is a traditional devotion organized by the Franciscans and the Fraternity of God's Passion. This unusual fraternity was established over 400 years ago.

During this celebration the special Lenten Devotion is sang by the priests. The Fraternity responds in Latin - ‘Memento homo mori’ – Remember man about the death. Following is the Eucharistic procession with the Franciscans singing ‘Stabat Mater Dolorosa’ (in Latin). The service is finished with the traditional polish Lenten office - Gorzkie Zale – Lamentations.


Archistrategos said...

Very interesting, it seems the use of the pointed hoods (capirote in Spanish) was more widespread than I had anticipated. So far I've seen versions of it in Spain, Italy, Belgium (albeit less pointy), France (procession of the Sanch), Latin America (specifically Mexico), the Philippines (officially though there is only one (?) official confraternity here that uses it), and now Poland.

frater_pl said...

As far as I know, this is the only use of pointed hoods in Poland. Most traditional fraternities in Poland were transformed and they do not use their traditional dresses. The Fraternity of God's Passion in Krakow is the only one I know. I will try to search for more examples.