Tridentine Mass in Bombay

 'A large room upstairs, already furnished'

To find a Latin Mass in India is a challenging task, even for an experienced catholic-traveler. There is no updated information in the Internet, so confirm the Mass time and place before. In the country with over 17 million Catholics, there is no single Latin Mass, which would be organized or supported by local bishop, so do not make efforts to call the local diocesan office.

Today I heard the Sunday Mass in a chapel in the northern part of Bombay. The chapel was organized on the first floor of a private building ‘Gratias Mariae’. It was an extraordinary experience not only because of the Mass, but also to see how the regional traditions and sensitivities can have also place in the Tridentin Mass without liturgical abuses. E.g. Ladies wearing traditional Saris were singing gregorian mass for Advent. Altar servants were wearing black cassocks and surplices, but were barefooted – since this is a custom in India that you enter a holy place without shoes. And which place is more holy than the catholic church.

1st floor, Gratias Mariae Building
Tank Road, Orlem
Malad West, Mumbai

Fill Bombay

 Modern city and biggest slums of Asia

The famous Taj Mahal Hotel which was a target of terrorist attacks in 2008 

The Gateway of India
Skyscrapers that can be compared to those of Chicago or New York

Bombay in India is a city of contrasts. With population exciding over 20 million of people, it is on the top of the list of the biggest cities in the World. From one hand the city is a modern metropolis with consumption approach, on the other with the biggest slums in Asia (almost half of the population of Bombay lives in slums).


Saint Charbel - The Movie

There are not so many movies about the saints, whose lives are actually ready scripts to be recoded.
I have found recently this movie about Saint Charbel. Enjoy.


Ad Majora Natus

 Jesuits' High School in Bombay

The school motto.
Put it over every school entrance

Jesuit Missionary Habit

I am sure that not many of you have ever seen a Jesuit wearing his classic black habit. But have you ever seen a Jesuit White Missionary Habit?

Jesuits in Bombay

 Saint Peter church in Bombay - Bandra

The Resurrection and the Life


Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Bombay

There is a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Bombay that is visited not only by Catholics. As I was told by my Hindu driver, on the feast of Nativity of Our Lady on September 8th each year the church is visited by people of all religions - Catholics, Muslims and Hindu.

May the Mother of all people bring her children to one Church of Christ.

Queen of Bombay pray for us

Update (source Wikipadia):

"The chapel of Mount Mary, was built around 1640. Lore has it that the chapel was destroyed in 1738 during a raid by Marathas. The statue of the Virgin was recovered from the sea by fishermen and temporarily installed in St. Andrew's church, before being shifted to the rebuilt Mount Mary Church in 1761. To this day, the statue is venerated and many miracles, minor and major, are attributed to the Lady of the Mount. People of all faiths and communities visit the church, giving the place a syncretic nature. The Bandra Fair is held the duration of eight days of the Octave, (starting on the Sunday following September 8) during which pilgrims come from as far North as Vasai, Virar and as far East as Thane throng the church."


WikkiMissa Alert - keep it updated

I travel quite often to different places worldwide. Till now I took advantage of the WikkiMissa webpage as a directory to find local Mass in the extraordinary form. However last Sunday I came again to the place, where the Mass was not offered at the time it should be.
It is sometimes difficult to fulfill the Sunday obligation, when the information provided on the Internet is not updated. So be careful with the data on WikkiMissa and check twice before you go to the place where the Mass should be offered. You could drive many kilometers to hear the Mass, but you will only find a closed door.
Wherever you are, please keep WikkiMissa updated. You can also do it without any logins and accesses.
It can save someone’s life – priceless, eternal life!!!


St. Andrew church in Bombay

Note Saint Andrew cross on the gate

Christ the King

 In latin sounds always better - universal, classic, catholic

People in India are always very friendly, helpful and hospitable. Moreover to this general features, they are much attached to the tradition and religion. The above photo was taken during afternoon adoration that gathered many parishioners for pray.

Here I am - Archidioecesis Bombayensis

New place, new challanges


Neo Gothic Beauty

 Saint Joseph church in Krakow, consecrated in 1909. 
Sometimes it is better to copy previous, good stiles than to invent new. We would avoid so many buildings and churches that destroy harmony of our surroundings.


Where did Saint Stanislaus spend his life?

Basilica of Corpus Christi in Krakow-Kazimierz. 
Main seat of Canons Regular of Lateran in Poland.
SINCE A.D. 1385 

Main nave (during restoration)

Side nave with the tomb of saint Stanislaus

 Gothic details of a side altar
The pulpit in the form of a boat

Renaissance door – main entrance to the convent


Litany of Krakow Saints: Saint Stanislaus of Kazimierz C.R.L.

The tomb of Saint in Corpus Christi church in Krakow

 Apostle of Eucharist 

Saint Stanislaus entered the order of Canon Regular of Lateran in 1456, devoting his life to the Eucharist and to the care of the sick and the poor. He was very devoted confessor popular among citizens of Krakow. His friend was father John of Kenty, also a saint.

Canonized in Vatican on October 17, 2010.

More information can be found HERE.

Do not let your faith to overgrown with weeds


Tomb of Dominican Order

Heic FF. Ord. Predicatorum Resurrectionem Mortuorum Expectant
Waiting for the resurrection of the dead.

How the Catholic Family tomb looks like?

The altar of Our Lady inside of the tomb-chapel