Litany of Krakow saints: St. Stanislaus

Saint Stanislaus (polish: Stanisław).   
Note the traditional bishop insignia: pastoral staff, mitre, gloves, rings, buskins, falda.
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King Bolesław killing the bishop during Holy Mass

Silver sarcophagus of St. Stanislaus in the Wawel Cathedra

Saint Stanislaus of Szczepanów (of Kraków), bishop and martyr, died at Kraków on 8 May, 1079. His feast is celebrated on 7 May in Roman Martyrology, but on 8 May in Kraków, which has a special feast of the translation of his relics on 27 September He is a main patron of Poland and the city and Diocese of Kraków. Bishop Stanislaus had several serious disputes with the king Bolesław. He spared neither tears nor prayers and admonitions to bring the king to lead a more Christian life. All being in vain, Boleslaw was excommunicated and the canons of the cathedral were instructed to discontinue the Divine Offices in case the king should attempt to enter. King Bolesław sent his men to execute Bishop Stanisław without trial, but that when they dared not touch the Bishop, the King decided to kill the traitor himself. He has slain Stanisław while he was celebrating Mass in the Skałka outside the walls of Kraków.

Sancte Stanislae, ora pro nobis

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