Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Bombay

There is a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Bombay that is visited not only by Catholics. As I was told by my Hindu driver, on the feast of Nativity of Our Lady on September 8th each year the church is visited by people of all religions - Catholics, Muslims and Hindu.

May the Mother of all people bring her children to one Church of Christ.

Queen of Bombay pray for us

Update (source Wikipadia):

"The chapel of Mount Mary, was built around 1640. Lore has it that the chapel was destroyed in 1738 during a raid by Marathas. The statue of the Virgin was recovered from the sea by fishermen and temporarily installed in St. Andrew's church, before being shifted to the rebuilt Mount Mary Church in 1761. To this day, the statue is venerated and many miracles, minor and major, are attributed to the Lady of the Mount. People of all faiths and communities visit the church, giving the place a syncretic nature. The Bandra Fair is held the duration of eight days of the Octave, (starting on the Sunday following September 8) during which pilgrims come from as far North as Vasai, Virar and as far East as Thane throng the church."

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