Great People of Krakow - Adam Stefan Sapieha

Prince Adam Stefan Cardinal Sapieha, archbishop metropolitan of Krakow, Duke of Siewierz
Born May 14, 1867 in Krasiczyn
Died July 21, 1951 in Kraków aged 84
Ordination October 1, 1893 aged 26 by Bishop Jan Puzyna (later Cardinal)
Consecration December 17, 1911 by Pope Pius X in Sistine Chapel
Created Cardinal February 18, 1946 by Pius XII
Bishop and later archbishop of Krakow between  1911 – 1951.
Senator in Polish Parliament between 1922 – 1923.
Till 1951 all bishops of Krakow hold the title of ‘Duke of Siewierz’. Sapieha’s successors stopped to use this title.

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