Kraków from the Sky with Gregorian Chant

Very nice view of Krakow and the church of St Michael the Archangel and St Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr and Pauline Fathers Monastery, Skałka. In the background you may hear the antiphon in honor of Stanislaus "O Beate Stanislae praesul plebis Cracoviae"

O Beate Stanislae praesul plebis Cracoviae, Cuius signa victoriae late patent Poloniae.
Nam dono Christi gratiae pestes curantur variae.
Tua, martyr, egregie, festa colentes
hodie regi commenda gloriae. Alleluia.
O Blessed Stanislaus, leader of the people of Krakow,
whose sign of victory is visible far and wide in Poland.
For various plagues are cured by the gift of Christ's grace.
Oh excellent martyr, commend us to the King of Glory,
us keeping your feast today. Alleluia.

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