Rorate Mass


In Poland the Rorate Mass (Roraty) in Advent is very important part of Catholic tradition. In most, if not all, parishes in Poland there are daily votive Masses in honor of Our Lady during Advent. This period in a year is celebrated with great favor by kids and adults. Most people in Poland have good memories from their childhood from Advent.

Roraty are celebrated very early in the morning before the sunrise. Mum wakes you up to the parish church for a Mass before going to school. The winters in Poland tend to be very cold, so you walk to the church when it is not only dark, but also freezing and quite scary. But went you get to the church and hear this beautiful ‘Rorate Caeli de super’ you fill again in a place where it is warm, friendly and safely. You fill like Mum Mary welcomes you and worm you up ;)

This was, and for some still is, a daily, and I mean daily, practice during Advent.

What a fabulous school of self-deny and sacrifice for children.

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