Saint Thomas the Apostel of Madras

Saint Thomas basilica in Madras

Tomb of Saint Thomas the Apostle

India was blessed to be one of the first lands, where the World of Good News was proclaimed by the Apostle of Our Lord, Saint Thomas. Saint Thomas tomb is located in the city of Madras (Chennai) in the state of Tamil Nadu.

However, this land still needs Apostles like Saints Thomas, Francis Xavier, Gonsalo Garcia, Alphonsa, mother Theresa. People on India need Apostles that would lead them to the light of the Truth and not convincing them that all religions are equals, that all people should believe what they were taught (which have place now). Many people in India still believe in many Hindu gods, which is very similar to the situation that Saint Paul met during his apostle visits of Roman Empire. But now you hear even during catholic homilies that you should believe what you believe, unless you are a ‘good person’.

Let us all pray for the conversion of people of India to the Holy Catholic Faith.

May Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ be the only God of all people.

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