Bishop Against Mass During Pilgrimage

 Our Lady of Gietrzwałd, Ora Pro Nobis

There is a rosary pilgrimage going from Warsaw to Gietrzwałd  between July 12-20 this year. The organizers have requested a permission of the Archbishop of Warmia to celebrate the Mass in extraordinary form in the local parish churches where they are staying during the pilgrimage.

Sanctuary of Our Lady in Gietrzwałd

This is the answer they have received:
I would like to inform you, answering your question dated May 30th 2012, that Archbishop of Warmia do not grand the permission to celebrate the Holy Mass in the extraordinary form of the roman rite during the pilgrimage (4th Rosary Pilgrimage from Warsaw) to Gietrzwałd on the territory of the Archdiocesies of Warmia (in Nidzica, Olsztynek and Gietrzwałd).

Archbishop is opposed (against) to celebrat the Mass in the extraordinary form, where it was not celebrated (sic) till now and local parishioners (faithful) did not ask for that form of the Holy Mass.

Archbishop is happy that pilgrims go to Gietrzwałd along the parishes of the Archdioceses of Warmia.

Olsztyn, July 6th 2012
Bishop Jacek Jezierski

UPDATE. July 16th, Bishop has changed his mind. Deo Gratias 

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David said...

The Bishop seems to have changed his mind! Deo gratias. See NRL post