URGENT: Help to stop „Madonna’s” blasphemous concert in Poland

Three polish main exorcists has issued an APPEAL for pray to STOP sacrilegious concert in Warsaw, Poland on August 1st:

“After watching parts of the concert, we believe that it is anti-Christian. The primary objective is to mock God and Christians. In broad terms this anti-evangelization around the world. (…)
Let us praise our Lord and Savior in our hearts, communities, chapels and churches. Let it be us at least 65 000 people praying (capacity of the National Stadium where the concert takes place).
Let's use what the Lord gives us in the Church: chaplet, adoration, rosary, Mass. We can pray individually or in community.
INTENTION: that the concert does not take place, and if it occurs, that God stops it– for example power failure is always possible. Ultimately, God can do with our prayers as it deems appropriate.”

Moreover, the association Krucjata Młodych (Crusade of the Youth) has collected over 43 thousand signatures against the blasphemous concert. ‘We cannot allow to look on this scandal without any reaction. We cannot stand idly by and watch as (Madonna) mocks of Our Blessed Lord and His Mother’:


You may support this protest on the following website:



· Put your NAME and SURNAME in the ‘Imię i Nazwisko’ field

· Click ‘Wyślij protest’ button to sign the protest.

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