Sacrilegious Demolition of the Church in Abbeville - This Images Will Move Your Heart


Demolition of the church of Saint-Jacques d'Abbeville, in France in February 2013.


David O'Neill said...

My father served in the British Army in France in WWI & often spoke of the hope given to all by the example of this church which withstood the artillery of both sides during that conflict.

Carolyn Lalli said...

It's happening right here in New York. You can see the images of St. Patrick's Church in Watervliet, or what remains of it, at this link: https://www.facebook.com/Citizens.for.St.Patricks?fref=ts

frater_pl said...

It's so sad to see all this churches without people praying and being demolished.

In Poland there are still churches being built. Last year, there was a new church consecrated in the new part of the city in my hometown. and this new parish is flourishing, even with NOM. But the sacramental life is there – confession heard every day for few hours, Masses, adorations, litanies, rosaries, catechism etc.