Cappa Magna on the Streets of Kraków in 2013

Canon of Wawel Cathedral and Protonotary Apostolic.
 Once a year, during the procession of Saint Stanislaus, Canons of the Chapter of the Wawel Cathedral put on the canonical Cappa Magnas (or maybe Cappa Parva - does anyone know?)
As you see on the pictures, the train of the copes is not extended, but rolled up on the left, because canons do not have full jurisdiction. Only local bishop or cardinal could use the Cappa Magna with the extended train, as the symbol of his jurisdiction.
The use of this garment is also very symbolic and proper for this procession, since it symbolizes the readiness to shed the blood for the faith, as did our Patron Saint Stanislaus.

 Here how it looks from the back. The hood is placed over the head during a penitential act.

Folded train of the Cappa Magna

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