Stella Matutina

Morning Star

This scene tells about the combat between light and darkness. Eventually, morning is breaking. The giant rooster announces the rising sun, while the roaring lion takes flight and the incubi of the night (frightening bats and dragons) sail away in a dark cloud. Taking advantage of the first light of day a ship leaves harbor. The lemma proclaims Jesus’ message to the churches: “I am the root and offspring of David, the bright morning star” (Revelation 22:16). He is the promised one seen by the prophet Balaam. “A star shall advance from Jacob.” However, in this illustration this expression decorates the radiating star with the bust of Mary, which dominates the page.

"Stella matutina," also known as "stella Marina" and "Lux matutina" (12C), and as "stella maris" used by Saint Bernard to explain the meaning of the name "Mary," suggests and announces the rising sun of justice, Jesus Christ (Malachi. 4:3). The glory of her light is but light from eternal light, and praise of the never-ending light of God's love for us.
The Rise of the Morning Star

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