Vas Insigne Devotionis

Singular Vessel of Devotion

The word devotion exceeds the narrow meaning of devotional practice and refers to total dedication and fidelity in the service of God. Mary’s profession of faith, “I am the handmaid of the Lord,” most adequately expresses the meaning of this advocation. Her total dedication goes to her Son featured in the Mother-child image of the medallion. Total dedication has not only the meaning of service. It refers primarily to openness and receptivity of God’s will and grace. This attitude is illustrated in the lower half of this page with the story of the widow’s oil. On Elisha’s order the widow would pour oil in the vessels they handed her (2 Kings 4:5). God’s grace cannot be exhausted. It takes a “singular vessel of devotion” to receive its plenty, one that has been perfectly purified (“Egredietur Vas purissimum”) (Proverbs 25:4).


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