Regina Poloniae

Today, May 3rd, we celebrate in Poland the feast of Our Lady, The Queen of Poland. This is also one of the titles of Our Lady that we invoke in the Litany of Loretto during the May Devotion.

Please keep people leaving in Poland in your prayers today.

Our Lady of Rokitno, The Queen of Poland

Collect of the day for dioceses of Poland:

Omnipotens et misericors Deus, qui ad defensionem populi nostri in beatissima Virgine Maria, miriabile nobis auxilium constituisti : concede propitius ; ut tali praesidio muniti, certantes in vita, victoriam de hoste maligno consequi mereamur in morte. Per Dominum nostrum...

Oath of king Jan Kazimierz of Poland. The king (kneeling) pledged in the Lviv Cathedral before the altar of Our Gracious Lady, took vows of loyalty to God and declared the Mother of God to be the Queen of Poland-Lithuania and that he will drive the Swedes out of Poland.
Our Gracious Lady, Cathedral of Lviv.

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